Many months ago when Matt and I talked about bringing an experiment to ArtPrize, I thought he and I would be the only ones working on this (me on the science, him on the art). It’s been much more of a team effort than I’d anticipated, and I’m so glad we didn’t have to do all this alone!

I’d like to take a moment to draw attention to the other team members who worked on this ArtPrize project, Rhythm in the Brain – a science experience!

#portablelab stand and sign:


RoboTodd Industries


Qi Yang

And some other folks without whom we couldn’t have done this:

The Timing, Attention, and Perception lab at Michigan State University


I’d like to thank members of the Timing, Attention, and Perception lab at Michigan State University for helping out with this project. My advisor, J. Devin McAuley, has of course been instrumental in the experimental design, in helping to find funding for pieces of this project, and in allowing me to spend time on this somewhat unusual diversion from typical graduate studies (i.e., what I’m actually supposed to be doing right now…) A new graduate student in the lab, Lauren Amick, has volunteered to check on the project during ArtPrize, and has provided helpful feedback on prototypes of the app and videos. Former TAPper Katherine Jones (now a graduate student at Vanderbilt) offered insight on problems during the early stages of the project, as well as providing comments on updates (even though she’s no longer even obligated!) Several research assistants in the lab have reviewed the app and video prototypes, and reassured me that everything’s going to be okay…

And everyone in the community who took the time to review the video and provide feedback (Lindsay, Mary, Bonnie, Matt’s mom, my sister, Trisha, Shuli, Sara Dz.), thank you!

What’s next?

The next phase of this project is the web presentation of people’s data. Web/data maven Patrycja Zdziarska is editing text for and designing a spiffy new web home for this next step.

We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works. Stay tuned!

ArtPrize update

Only three weeks until ArtPrize! We’re making progress on all aspects of the portable lab. The main components we need to have ready prior to ArtPrize are the app that will run the experiment, the kiosk where people will participate, and (of course) the experimental design.

Both the app and the kiosk are in prototype stages. The images below show some of the tests Matt’s working on for the “science!” sign. I’ve been meeting with our programmer, Qi, the last several weeks to talk about experiment flow and visual design, and he’s got the basic engine of the app up and running already.

I think I’ve just about finalized the experimental conditions for both versions of the experiment, and am homing in on some good language for describing those versions — currently, “tempo” and “beat” based on McAuley & Semple (1999).  The tempo version will assess whether the iterative chains converge on previously-observed preferred tempos (McAuley et al., 2006). The beat version will investigate whether listeners have a perceptual bias for certain interval ratios (i.e., meters) such as 2:1 or 3:1.


Lots of details and plans for the future remain, though…

One item to check off the to-do list: the IRB for collecting data is approved!


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