CogTAP is an iOS application I developed with Qi Yang while I was working in the Timing, Attention, and Perception (TAP) lab directed by Professor J. Devin McAuley at Michigan State University (MSU). 

The app is intended for use by researchers interested in conducting various tests of motor tempo performance, including spontaneous motor tempo (SMT), fast and slow motor tempo (MT) limits, and synchronize-continue (SC) tapping.

Researchers may build new experimental sessions and track past sessions using the Session Configuration interface. Experimental sessions, including stimulus presentation and data collection, are run through the app. Rates for stimulus presentation for the SC tapping task can be modified in an external csv file that is uploaded to the app using iTunes. Each session generates multiple data files (csv and text) with timing and position data from the experimental session, which may be accessed through iTunes.

The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes store. User documentation is in progress. Feel free to contact me if you are interested and would like more information.


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